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Drawing Competition Winners 2021

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Given below are the list of Drawing Competition Winner's conducted on Nov 15, 2021 for Children's Day.

S.Kangana Shri I Std 'A' - I Prize

L.S.Sree Yazhini I Std 'A' - II Prize

M.M.Mahath I Std 'A' - III Prize

B.Sri Sai Karthiga I Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Mithuna I Std 'B' - II Prize

N.V.Sanjeeth I Std 'B' - III Prize

M.K.Vedhasri II Std 'A' - I Prize

N.B.Sri Aharshana II Std 'A' - II Prize

K.R.Dhanveer II Std 'A' - III Prize

N.Nalla Shree Rudra II Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Madheswaran II Std 'B' - II Prize

M.N.Sivaprabaakaran II Std 'B' - III Prize

V.J.Niranjan II Std 'C' - I Prize

V.Keerthika II Std 'C' - II Prize

S.Muthulakshmi II Std 'C' - III Prize

S.Dhanshika III Std 'A' - I Prize

K.Sumanth III Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Ashwin Raj III Std 'A' - III Prize

K.H.Jeevitha Sri III Std 'B' - I Prize

R.Aaradhana III Std 'B' - II Prize

S.Suruthika III Std 'B' - III Prize

L.K.Sri Varshan IV Std 'A' - I Prize

J.J.Nithish IV Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Nivruthi IV Std 'A' - III Prize

B.Sri Sai Kala IV Std 'B' - I Prize

M.Keshavarthini IV Std 'B' - II Prize

M.G.S.Nitheeswaran IV Std 'B' - III Prize

S.Sandilyan V Std 'A' - I Prize

P.Sabareesh V Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Vignesh V Std 'A' - III Prize

S.Logavarathan V Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Yoga Preethika Lakshmi V Std 'B' - II Prize

M.S.B.Kirish V Std 'B' - III Prize

G.Ashwin V Std 'B' - III Prize

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