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Today (04/12/2021) Holiday

4:54:00 PM


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Today (30/11/2021) Holiday

5:27:00 PM

Due to Heavy Rain in Madurai, Today (30/11/2021) is Holiday.


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Tomorrow(26/11/2021) Holiday Due to Heavy Rain in Madurai

6:05:00 AM


Tomorrow(26/11/2021) is holiday due to heavy rain in Madurai.

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Metro Rail Project for Madurai

7:45:00 PM


Madurai Monorail (also called as Madurai Metro by local people) is the proposed monorail system for the city of MadaiTamil Nadu, part of a major expansion of public transport in the city. It is one of the dream projects of Ex. chief minister of Tamil Nadu selvi J.Jayalalitha.

Trade associations in Madurai have expressed their happiness, after the Finance and Human Resources Management Minister P.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan announced during the revised budget presentation that the government would form a committee to study the feasibility of setting up Metro rail in Madurai.

S.Rethinavelu, president of Agrofood Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “We welcome the announcement of the Finance Minister that a report would be prepared to set up Metro rail in Madurai. It is the only way to ease traffic congestion in the city.”

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B.R.Priyanka Top Scorer of NEET 2021

8:18:00 AM

Dr.M.K.Mariselvam, Correspondent of Sri Durga School, Madurai honored, B.R.Priyanka a top scorer of NEET 2021. She has scored 414 marks in NEET 2021 and she is a student of AVVAI Girls Higher Secondary School. The great thing is, once she was a student of Sri Durga School.

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Drawing Competition Prize Distribution for Winners - Children's Day 2021

6:36:00 AM

Class Teachers of responsible classes distributed the Certificates & Prizes to their students who won Drawing Competition conducted on 15/11/2021 for Children's Day.

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Drawing Competition Winners 2021

7:49:00 AM
Given below are the list of Drawing Competition Winner's conducted on Nov 15, 2021 for Children's Day.

S.Kangana Shri I Std 'A' - I Prize

L.S.Sree Yazhini I Std 'A' - II Prize

M.M.Mahath I Std 'A' - III Prize

B.Sri Sai Karthiga I Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Mithuna I Std 'B' - II Prize

N.V.Sanjeeth I Std 'B' - III Prize

M.K.Vedhasri II Std 'A' - I Prize

N.B.Sri Aharshana II Std 'A' - II Prize

K.R.Dhanveer II Std 'A' - III Prize

N.Nalla Shree Rudra II Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Madheswaran II Std 'B' - II Prize

M.N.Sivaprabaakaran II Std 'B' - III Prize

V.J.Niranjan II Std 'C' - I Prize

V.Keerthika II Std 'C' - II Prize

S.Muthulakshmi II Std 'C' - III Prize

S.Dhanshika III Std 'A' - I Prize

K.Sumanth III Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Ashwin Raj III Std 'A' - III Prize

K.H.Jeevitha Sri III Std 'B' - I Prize

R.Aaradhana III Std 'B' - II Prize

S.Suruthika III Std 'B' - III Prize

L.K.Sri Varshan IV Std 'A' - I Prize

J.J.Nithish IV Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Nivruthi IV Std 'A' - III Prize

B.Sri Sai Kala IV Std 'B' - I Prize

M.Keshavarthini IV Std 'B' - II Prize

M.G.S.Nitheeswaran IV Std 'B' - III Prize

S.Sandilyan V Std 'A' - I Prize

P.Sabareesh V Std 'A' - II Prize

S.Vignesh V Std 'A' - III Prize

S.Logavarathan V Std 'B' - I Prize

S.Yoga Preethika Lakshmi V Std 'B' - II Prize

M.S.B.Kirish V Std 'B' - III Prize

G.Ashwin V Std 'B' - III Prize
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