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Happy Children's Day 2017

7:57:00 AM

The best thing to spend on your children is your time
Give your little love to a child and see what you get
A great deal back
Children have more need of models,
than of critics.
So love them.

Children spread joy and happiness in every season,
as they are the most beautiful creation of God
They spread fragrance of love wherever they go
And stay where they get love.

Happy Children's Day!
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Diwali Wishes from Sri Durga School 2017-18

2:43:00 AM

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EMIS Introduction Video Part 1 from Tamilnadu EMIS Cell

7:07:00 AM

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Vinayagar Statue for Vinayagar Chaturthi

7:51:00 AM

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Art Craft and Trace Drawing Class

4:31:00 AM

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Dengue and Dry, Wet Waste Awareness Program

1:21:00 AM
To Know the Severeness of Dengue Fever, we have conducted awareness program to our school students on August 11, 2017. Also we have explained about Merits and Demerits of using Dry & Wet Waste.  

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